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The Trouble With Tomboys
by Linda Kage

Category: Romance
Description: THE TOMBOY Pilot B.J. Gilmore is Tommy Creek, Texas's tough tomboy who loves to fly planes and gamble and doesn't give a whip what anyone thinks or says about her?until Grady Rawlings steps into her life. PLUS THE WIDOWER Heir to an oil dynasty, Grady has inner demons to battle. Ever since his wife and unborn child died two and half years ago, he's developed a deep-seated hatred for sympathy and can't handle anyone feeling sorry for him or treating him like some pitiful widower. EQUALS TROUBLE IN TEXAS Grady hires B.J,'s plane service to fly him to Houston for an overnight business trip. While there, she coaxes him into accompanying her to a late dinner, where she decides it's time for him to move on with his life. A month later, she turns up pregnant with his baby, and neither of them is prepared for the chaos that follows.
eBook Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Champagne Rose, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: August 2010


22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [307 KB]
Words: 68687
Reading time: 196-274 min.

"Well, I heard about five minutes ago that someone had knocked up B.J. Gilmore."

That finally evoked the response he'd expected. Her face drained of color and she dropped her bag of popcorn, spilling kernels around her bare feet.

"Who told you that?"

Grady folded his arms and stared hard. "I overheard Gabe Watson telling Ulrick Pullson about it at Herb's Quick Stop. Both of them already knew."

"Who?" she demanded, and then she shook her head furiously. "Oh my God, I can't believe this. How could anyone know? I just found out myself Tuesday when I went to Dr. Carl's office and got the damn test taken. I mean, okay, so Pop suspected, but there's no way my own father would start a rumor..."

"Dr. Carl's office?" Grady repeated, his lungs constricting.

Dr. Carl had been Amy's doctor too. Just knowing B.J. was going to go to the same man who'd been standing over his wife when she died made him break out in a cold sweat.

Then reality intruded, and he frowned. "Doesn't Lara Alberts work in Dr. Carl's office?"

B.J. gasped. "That bitch! I ought to get her fired for breaking doctor patient privileges."

"I don't know," he murmured. "I'm kind of glad she's the queen of gossip, since that was obviously the only way I was going to find out about this...because you sure as hell weren't going to tell me. Were you?"

B.J. suddenly looked like a little kid who'd been found painting the bathroom walls with toothpaste as she braced herself for the angry lecture she probably thought would follow. Her face was pale and her eyes scared, nothing like the confident, no-cares-in-the-world B.J. Gilmore he'd always thought she was.

"I...I just wasn't sure how to say it," she answered quietly. "I mean, was there any way to break it to you easily?"

Grady opened his mouth, but B.J. hurried to add, "One thing was sure, I definitely wasn't going to tell anyone else until you knew."

She stopped suddenly as if just realizing something. Then she scowled and pressed her hands to her hips, snapping, "Wait a second. What even makes you think this is your kid?"

She'd already given it away, but his answer was a quiet, heartfelt, "Because I'm not that lucky."

B.J. looked like she was going to cry, and he felt like a heel for saying such a thing. He wasn't typically a rude man. But B.J. wasn't the type to break down and bawl when her feelings were hurt either. So why did the two of them together seem to bring out the worst in each other?

God, he wanted to scrub his face with his hands and mutter, "What a disaster," but he didn't want to hurt her any further. She already looked like she was on the edge and might crumble any second. He sighed then and really did scrub his face with his hands.

"I guess we'll need to get married," he announced, sounding none too pleased.

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