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It's Nice to be Naughty
by R. Field

Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
Description: Even the nicest girls have to be a little naughty sometimes. Though Sally Mae Frye has worked hard and played by the rules all her life, she wonders whether she's missed something along the way. She's already in her late thirties, and she's still single. She spends most of her time either working or dealing with her aging mother. And then she hires handsome, young Phil Winston to be her personal assistant at the bank, without even realizing he's a sweet guy with a kinky little fetish that will eventually turn her into the sort of naughty woman she's always fantasized about. Sally Mae can't ignore Phil's rough hands and the subtle bulge between his legs, or the way he tends to notice her when she leaves a room. At first, all it takes is a heavy snow storm and a sopping wet male assistant who likes to strip for his full-figured boss. After that, it's all about the way dirty, young Phil knows how bend Sally Mae over and use the palm of his rugged hand to please her.
eBook Publisher: loveyoudivine, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: August 2010


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [27 KB]
Words: 5278
Reading time: 15-21 min.

Though he didn't look like someone who would work in a bank, with his slick leather jacket and his shiny black shirt with a wide collar, Sally Mae appreciated his complete honesty. Another young guy probably wouldn't have mentioned this alcoholic business at all. "Would you be interested in a full-time receptionist job?"

He smiled so wide his gums showed. "Well, yes, definitely."

Sally Mae had always trusted her gut instincts when it came to hiring, and she needed a receptionist. The thought of placing an ad, and then going through the interview process caused a lump in her stomach. "Since you don't have any experience, let's try it out for a couple of weeks and see what happens. When can you start, Mr. Winston?"

"Right now if you want," he said. His voice was still deep but more relaxed and smoother. His lavender and blue eyes popped; he couldn't believe she'd just hired him on the spot.

What her gut instinct didn't recognize was Phil Winston had a staid, unfulfilled quirk. His penchant was for pale-skinned, middle-aged women with flat chests and bursting, pear-shaped bottoms. When he saw a flabby ass jiggle in white cotton shorts, his knees nearly buckled. If he happened to be on the beach and noticed a cellulite-ridden rear end in a bathing suit, he'd cover his crotch with a beach towel and wait for the nine-inch erection to subside. But more than that, Phil didn't merely want to fuck these rotund women; he wanted to spank those immense white bottoms until they were reddish purple. Unfortunately, his little fetish went unfulfilled for the most part: he wasn't interested in the skinny young women his own age with boney asses and big tits. And it simply wasn't that easy to find a full-figured, mature woman who knew how to appreciate a good ass whipping.

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