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Heart of the Bloodstone
by Melinda Barron

Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Romance
Description: Genre: BDSM Shape-shifter Paranormal Menage

Related Titles: Amethyst Eyes and Garnet Strength

Regina would love nothing more than to shift into her tiger form and play all day long, then spend the evening having hot, sweaty sex with her dark faerie, Jessup. But there's only five days until Samhain and the triad has not arrived to claim the bloodstone, and it's her job to help them when they arrive.

Her foes have other ideas for Regina. They've summoned another dark faerie, Notus, to try and break her and Jessup apart. But when Notus arrives, Regina discovers that finding the triad is no harder than looking at herself and the two faeries who want nothing more than to tie her up, then send her flying. But they're going to have to balance bedtime play with hard work to get to the heart of the bloodstone and save the world.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, f/f and m/m play, ménage, spanking.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: June 2010


36 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [194 KB]
Words: 44765
Reading time: 127-179 min.

Jessup swept his gaze over the expanse of trees that abutted the clearing surrounding the castle. Regina was on her way back, and she wasn't happy. He could feel her anger in his pores, grabbing hold of his body, seeping into his bones.

What the hell had those assholes done to her this time? They took advantage of her, using her anger and disgust with all things evil to make her dance on a string and do exactly as they wanted. He loved her loyalty to them, her absolute refusal to betray the elders and all they stood for.

To his way of thinking, there was one way out of the situation. Kill Matlyn and her acolytes, then take the bloodstone and use it to destroy Monk. The evil would be gone, and the situation would be handled.

Then he would have nothing more to do during his lifetime but sip wine, eat good food, and fuck Regina every day, three or four times a day and as many times at night if given the opportunity. He thought about her lying under him, her face bright with pleasure as he thrust in and out of her tight pussy; he imagined the sweet timbre of her voice as she pleaded for a whipping, beseeched him to allow her to suck him deep into her throat.

His cock hardened and he rubbed the outline, remembering last night and the way she'd toyed with him, flicking her tongue over his cock and balls before presenting him her ass. Thinking of fucking that dark opening made him want the day to speed by, so they could retire and be alone together and he could do it again.

"Is that cock for me?" Matlyn's voice purred in his ear, and she traced her fingers over his length. His cock didn't jump at her touch. If anything it seemed to wither.

He pushed her hand away and sneered at her. "Not anymore." He looked into her eyes, and for a minute he thought she might throw a spell at him to try to bind him and then ride him, as if that would work. His faerie powers were much stronger than her witch ones, although when he'd first come to her court he'd allowed her to think she could control him.

His plan had been to let her use him, then throw her over after she'd achieved her goal. He would kill Matlyn and Monk, and the faeries would take over. But then he'd met Regina, sweet, submissive Regina. His cock throbbed again.

"I could make you fuck me."

"You could try."

He watched her flounce away before she flung herself into a chair and spread her legs wide. She snapped her fingers and yelled out, "Slave!"

A young woman appeared out of nowhere, cowering as she bobbed her head.

"Eat me." The woman hurried across the floor, then dropped to her knees. Jessup sneered as Matlyn groaned.

"See what you've forced me into? You've taken my darling Regina from me. I can feel Regina's disgust now when she pleasures me, and although forcing her to do it gives me delight, I tire of having to tell her every little movement she needs to make."

As if to prove her point, Matlyn yanked on the slave's hair. The woman yelped in pain as her mistress jerked her head back. "Harder, you idiot."

The witch's whimpers mixed with Matlyn's mewls of laughter, and Jessup focused on the trees. A slight movement caught his gaze. Regina padded out of the forest, her brilliant white fur glistening with sweat. She dropped to her side, then rolled to her back, and wiggled her hips back and forth in the grass. A smile lit his lips as he watched her. She was so beautiful, no matter what form she took.

He wanted to be down there with her, to watch her wipe the water from her body and then change into human form. She would smile for him, laugh, and hold out her arms, and he would take her, right then and there, reminding her that, while her loyalties in this situation were with the elders, she belonged to him.

"That's it. Much better." Matlyn's words of praise brought him back to the room. "Oh, right there, yes." Her groans increased, and seconds later she screamed out, stroking the woman's hair, praising her for her obedience.

"Come to my bed tonight."

"Thank you, mistress."

"You're welcome, little slave. Now, go and find a few men to join us. I want cock tonight, and I'll let you choose a few choice specimens, but make sure you make wise decisions."

The woman scurried from the room, and Jessup kept his gaze focused on Regina. "Is sex all you think about?"

"No, of course not. I think about the way the elders will cower at my feet in a few weeks. And I think about how everyone will rush to do my bidding, including you."

He didn't answer her, and when the outside wall suddenly disappeared, he mentally kicked himself for not focusing his gaze on Matlyn.

"How sweet. The prodigal tiger returns. But she's left you alone all day long. What has she been doing?"

"Stretching her legs."

"All four of them?" Matlyn snapped her fingers, and Regina appeared between them, still rolling around on her back. She stopped suddenly, then crouched and lay on her belly, growling.

"I love it when she's fierce like that," Matlyn said, stroking her thigh. "Change for me, my darling, then come and please me."

Regina cast a furtive glance at Matlyn, then rose and padded over to Jessup. When she arrived, she rubbed against his thigh. He stroked her between the ears, then laughed softly.

"You've broken our agreement," Matlyn said, her voice full of rage.

"Did I? I think the arrangement was that Regina would be mine and you would have use of my powers when the time came for you to have need of them." He bent, grasped the tiger's ears, and rubbed them just the way he knew she liked it.

Her low rumble of pure contentment soaked into his body, making him vibrate with the need to fuck her.

"No, our deal was that you could fuck her but not keep her. Now when I go to look for her at night, I find her in your bed."

"Yes, you do," Jessup responded lazily. He leaned over and planted a kiss on Regina's furry forehead, then stood. He continued to stroke her as she laid her head against his thigh. "That is her choice, not yours or mine."

Matlyn stood and clasped the arms of the chair, lifted it, then slammed it down into the stone floor. It shattered under the force, and Jessup lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Am I supposed to be impressed?" He smirked at her.

"I will expect her in my bed tonight. She can join the orgy, and you can go to hell."

"I think not." He narrowed his gaze at her. "You need me, and you know it. She'll come to your bed when I say she will, and it won't be tonight or tomorrow night or the night after that. Perhaps later in the week I'll reconsider, because I know my darling does enjoy being with a woman from time to time, but I will make the decision. Not you."

For a long, quiet moment he thought she would object. Instead she stood and left the room without saying another word. Jessup's smile grew as he continued to stroke Regina's fur, and when the fur disappeared and her soft hair took its place, he wove his fingers into the strands and massaged her scalp.

"You shouldn't antagonize her," Regina said. "If she knew about--"

"And you shouldn't talk with your mouth full." He pulled his cock from his pants and presented it to her. She took it hungrily, sucking him in deeply, then releasing him, scraping her teeth over the sensitive flesh. He relished her need, the desire to lose herself in him, to block out everything else except the two of them.

Damn how he loved this woman. He groaned at the contact before putting both hands on her head, holding her in place as he slowly fucked her mouth, relishing her tongue running up and down his flesh as his cock slid in and out.

"I've missed you today, my tigress." He fucked her faster, savoring the choking noises she made when the crown hit the back of her throat and she fought to dislodge him. The gurgling noises made him harder, and he clasped her hair tighter. "Spread your legs and put your hands behind your back."

Her obedience made him quiver with need. They were perfect together, two pieces that fit together as one. She tried to cough, and he pulled back, holding her against his thigh as she sought to catch her breath.

Before she'd recovered, he lifted her on invisible strings, making her hover in front of his mouth. He spread her lips and flicked his tongue over her clit. Her sharp cry of bliss drove him on, and he sucked the hard nub into his mouth, weaving three fingers together and pushing them inside her wetness as he bit her, gently at first and then increasing the pressure. Her whimpers urged him on, and he fucked and sucked her without mercy.

"Jessup, oh yes! More, please, please!"

He abandoned her clit and took a step back from where she floated. "You can do better than that."

"I need you inside me, please, all the way. Fill me. Make me yours, only yours."

Her fingers moved toward her clit, and he slapped them away before he sent her soaring higher into the air.

"You'll keep your hands to yourself unless you have my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, please, I'm begging you." The pleading tone of her voice made him pulsate with the need to possess her. She strained against her invisible bonds, and he released her, letting her fall until she was almost to the floor before stopping her suddenly.

The first time he'd done this she'd protested mightily, but he knew the sudden fall that created the sinking feeling that built in her stomach, kept her off guard, and increased her pleasure. His lady loved it hard.

Her cries of alarm followed by nervous laughter made him smile. "Jessup, please."

"Say it, Regina. You know what I want." He lifted her again, watching as she floated higher and higher, almost to the ceiling.

"Fuck me, I'm begging you. I belong to you."

He sent her into free fall again, her scream filling the room as he turned her midflight. Her descent stopped when she was level with his cock. She gasped when he slammed into her. He grasped the back of her neck, then pressed her head down as their flesh slapped together, their grunts mixing.

His balls tingled and grew tighter, and he slipped a hand around her, finding her clit and pinching it hard. She came instantly, her scream reverberating in the room, her pussy walls clamping down on him, the feeling at once a mixture of pain and pleasure that sent him soaring along with her.

He filled her, his cock still hard and pulsing when he was done. As a faerie male he could go all night, but he knew his tiger would need a rest, but that wouldn't come now. He'd take her mouth again, and then her ass; then, after that, perhaps he'd allow her to sleep before he fucked her again.

She was the only woman he'd ever met that he could not get enough of. When he was inside her, he felt complete--something that had never happened to him before.

Jessup traced his lips over her shoulders, then kissed her neck. "You're mine, Regina, all mine."

"How sweet." Jessup jerked his head toward the doorway. His eyes narrowed in anger at the dark faerie who stood lounging against the doorjamb. He felt Regina drop under him and cursed himself for not concentrating. He stopped her before she hit the floor, then gently lowered her the rest of the way.

"That looks like so much fun. Can I play too?"

"Notus. What the fuck are you doing here?"

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