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Tropical Balm
by Franny Armstrong

Category: Romance/Mainstream
Description: After losing her beloved husband of nearly thirty years, and twenty-two year old son in a plane crash she couldn't prevent, Teal Green leaves Canada and everyone she knows to escape to Jamaica, hiding in the hills to grieve. What was the point in having prophetic dreams if she couldn't get people like her husband to listen to her warnings? Hired to build an addition onto Teal's small house to house a fifteen year old starving, pregnant teen, ex-Toronto cop Camden Brookes takes one look into Teal's eyes and is lost. He too left a world of pain behind in Canada to make a new life in Jamaica. Neither one wants to love and lose again yet they find that they can't live without each other. Passion stirs hotter than the Jamaican sun as love blooms anew.
eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: June 2010


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [259 KB]
Words: 51016
Reading time: 145-204 min.

"I told you it was beautiful, didn't I, love?" Cam spoke low in his lilting Scottish burr. It had been a week since the incident with Simeon and her bruises were nearly gone.

"I wish you'd stop calling me that, Cam," Teal said quietly, staring at the incredible scene before her.

"Calling you what?" His teasing tone was lost to her as she stared at the crashing waves while the pearly white spray burst into the air. The way the moonlight glittered on the rolling water was hypnotizing, mesmerizing. It was a feast for her artist's eye.


"It's a little soon for me, Teal, darlin', but if you're game, I am," Cam chuckled.

"What?" She turned to him, confused.

"You said 'love'. I wasn't quite ready for that yet, but if you insist, I'm game."

Shaking her head, she glared at him, placing her hands on her hips. "What the hell are you talking about, you bloody Scotsman? Are you completely insane or just ready for a temporary stint in a straight jacket?" She was stunned at how handsome he looked as the moonlight lit up his face, though she hid it from him.

Chuckling, Cam asked, "Would you like to get a drink? There's a beach bar just down the way, not too far to walk."

Exasperated at his complete change of subject, Teal just threw up her hands and turned away from him, heading down the beach.

Strong hands clapped on her shoulders, his deep chuckle tickled her ear.

"It's this way, love."

Yanking her shoulders away from his hands, she snarled, "Stop calling me that, for crying out loud!"

"I would imagine that you would."

Stopping in her tracks she turned on him, incredulous as she cried out, "You imagine that I would what?"

"Cry out loud. Very loud, if I don't miss my guess!" he grinned, leering at her, slipping his hands around her waist and pulling her close.

"Oh! Does your brain ever come out of the gutter? Did you drink some funky water? Have a little too much Jamaican Jerk Spice?"

Laughing in delight, he tried to kiss her but she turned her cheek. His warm lips accepted the offering and caressed her skin, nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck.

Gasping, Teal pulled away, her heart pounding in response to his heat.

"Take...me...home...now!" she said through clenched teeth, biting off each word as she tried to hide her body's reaction to his touch.

"No. Now are you going to come have a drink with me? I'm fair parched." His boyish grin was her undoing.

"Oh, bloody hell! Fine, one drink then you take me home."

"I'd be delighted, love, I'll put you right to bed!"

"No you...oh, what's the use, you'll just twist what I say to sound like what you want anyway. There's no talking to you. Bloody Scotsman!" she growled, hiding her grin by turning to watch the ocean. She was carrying her sandals, walking barefoot in the surf.

When a particularly large wave came up to her knees, she yipped and fell into him. Strong arms came around her and he leaned in close, kissing her neck. "Ah, you see, it worked. You're falling for me. You can't help yourself, can you, love?"

Giving in, she giggled and smacked his solid chest. "You are incorrigible, Camden Brooke."

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