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The Harmless Deception
by Lesley-Anne McLeod

Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
Description: Is a deception ever harmless? Can dishonesty ever be justified? Tansy Evens thinks so, as does milliner Grace Whitton. The scheme they propose will harm no one and will provide them with a basis for introduction to the high society of London. Their deception will afford well-born Grace an opportunity to take her rightful place, if only briefly, and it will supply Tansy with a brief, dazzling season. To Tansy's brother Rufus, the Baron Evenswood, it offers nothing at all. However, he is convinced to take part against his better judgement. But their plan does not allow for the complications created by new friends, new loves, and old family connections. No deception can take place without harm to someone. And this one may have grave consequences for all.
eBook Publisher: Uncial Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: May 2010


13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [361 KB]
Words: 81189
Reading time: 231-324 min.

"...succeeds on several levels. Ms. McLeod has a convincing Regency voice that readily carries one away to the time and place of the story. She always comes up with a wholly original plot or a fresh twist on a classic one, and this time is no exception. Her people are complex and unique. We're given a deep look into Rufus's character, what his life was like that made him the man he is in the beginning and how he changes again. We see Grace come to terms with her past and her feelings. And the utterly engaging Tansy matures before our eyes. Add good humor, a touch of suspense, several interesting supporting characters, a vivid enactment of a Regency London Season and---not to forget a romance or two---you have a Perfect 10 of a read."--Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"It is harmless, Rufus, scarcely dishonest. A deception so inconsequential you will have forgot it when we have been returned a week to the north. We harm no one in London, and no one at home. It would mean so much to me, to have Grace's help and support." The girl cast a wheedling look at her brother.

Grace watched Lord Evenswood's expression soften as he gazed at his sister. "It is outrageous, and you know it, Tansy Sophronia Evens. How long did it take you to hatch this mad idea? No never mind." He flung up a hand as his sister made to speak. "What if I return yearly to London to attend at Parliament?"

"You will have a wife in truth by then, and she will be remaining in the north. You know Charlotte will not travel. Who in London is to know that your wife is a different woman from the one they met?"

The baron looked set to respond heatedly to his sister's disdain.

Grace cut across the siblings' altercation. "Stop this, please!" She could not allow Evenswood to be convinced; there were too many drawbacks to the scheme. Not the least, her peace of mind could only be harmed by proximity to the baron. "It is out of the question. I cannot abandon my business, and I could not be party to such a deception. I will not for a moment contemplate it; I am sorry Miss Evens. The risks of discovery and dishonor are too great, for us all." She rose to indicate that, as far as she was concerned, the call was over. The smallness of her sitting room, the modest nature of her possessions reproached her decision, but she thrust aside the thought that she could preside in a more fitting setting.

The baron, who had halted his pacing near the door, bowed in her direction. He said to his sister, "You are rightly reprimanded, Tansy. Thank you, Miss Whitton, for your sane good sense. And thank you for your assistance with our housing problems. We will not trouble you further. Come Tansy, bid Miss Whitton good day."

The younger girl crossed slowly to her brother's side. She said, with equal reluctance, "I do apologize Miss Whitton, if I have given offence. It seemed such a brilliant notion. I--I do think it could work." She followed her brother as he strode from the parlour, down the corridor, and plunged down the stairs.

Grace found herself unable to speak, as she hurried after her visitors. The shop was empty of clients at that moment, but Miss Purcell was tidying gloves away. She watched as the trio crossed the show-room. Grace opened the street door for her companions.

The baron nodded coolly to her. His reticence had the effect of stiffening Grace's straight spine.

"I wish you every success with your stay in London, Miss Evens," she said. "And you, my lord. Good day."

Tansy turned suddenly and embraced Grace. "Don't think badly of me, I pray," she whispered, before withdrawing. Outside the door, she accepted her brother's offered arm.

Grace closed the door, and her eyes. For a moment, she felt dizzily undone. Then she felt a gentle hand on her arm.

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