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by Jennifer Campbell

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: After leaving the Mansion in search of her perfect Master, Jennifer Campbell finds herself instead in the cruel hands of a domineering Mistress, Rosemary. There is no sign of the man she thought she was coming to Jamaica to see, her lover, Lionel Aldridge. While forcing bondage, punishment, and sexual excesses on Jennifer, Rosemary tells her she will see Lionel again if she obeys perfectly. Unsure but with hope, Jennifer obeys and soon she is off on a globe trotting odyssey of submission and sex which will bring her close to a hellish fate. With little hope of escape and knowing she has made a terrible mistake, Jennifer prays fate will reach out and rescue her, but will it happen before it is too late.
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2010


6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [401 KB]
Words: 79150
Reading time: 226-316 min.

After a few strokes of her whip to insure my docile compliance to lie on my belly, she went to work binding me in a severe hogtie with my legs, elbows, and head pulled back and up. After my ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows were separately bound together tightly by the black cord the pole was slid through my ankle and elbow ties and my hair was tied to it. This left me lying on the cabin floor with the pole on top of me connected to me in three places. I could barely move and the cord bit painfully into my tender skin, but Rosemary merely laughed and adjusted my bonds tighter if anything. "There after we land, you'll be easy for the baggage handlers to manage."

It was then I realized the bizarre way she intended for me to leave this jet; bound and hanging from this stout pole like some dead animal. No sooner had we landed than the plane's door opened and Rosemary called out. "Cantu, Regna, the baggage is in here for you. Handle it carefully, so as not to damage it, but as usual you may take whatever liberties you chose to as a gratuity."

To my utter amazement the two burly native baggage handlers boarded the plane and grinned at me as they picked me up by the bar. Pain set in as my full body weight now hung from the bar and my tendons and joints struggled to distribute the weight. It was all made worse by the swinging effect which started as they carried me down the ramp into the darkness of the Jamaican night. We made steady progress across the tarmac and into a large building as my naked breasts hung beneath me to be occasionally groped and fondled by the handler's paw-like hands. Once we were inside the shelter of the building, they simply plopped me down on a low table and removed my ball gag. There was little question of their intention as my open mouth was now at the level of their cocks and I was taken and brutally face fucked until I tasted both of them. I expected there might be more, but they replaced my gag and unfastened me from the pole plopping me like a trussed up pig into the back of a small Jeep. They covered me with a scratchy woolen blanket and I waited for what seemed like a long time before I heard the jeep door open.

"All comfy, bitch? Well perhaps not, but slaves should not expect comfort, right?" It was Rosemary and she started the engine knowing I could not respond. Before I knew it she was driving like a wild woman through what I assumed were Kingston's crowded streets for I could hear street noises and cars honking at us. With the way she was driving I thought perhaps the police would stop her and discover me, but then I wondered if I wanted such a solution. If she was my only connection to Lionel, did I want to escape from her? Of course this led directly to a deeper question. If she was doing this under Lionel's orders, did I really know Lionel for I would never have imagined he would do this to me? Thankfully I never had to face this dilemma as I never heard a police siren chasing us.

Soon we must have left the city, or so I assumed, for the street noises decreased to an occasional passing car or the howl of an animal. There was of course the rapid beating of my heart which seemed all too noticeable to me in this tense situation. For a few moments I recalled my other kidnapping on the occasion of my being taken for service in the Mansion. Mr. Red and Mr. Blue had thrilled me, but the situation had been different as I had known beforehand I would be taken and where I was going. So as I had knelt naked and blindfolded on the front steps of my condo there had been none of the deep anxiety there was now. Suddenly the truth of my dilemma crashed in on me and I began to softly sob under the blanket. All I could think of was where was Lionel and why had he forsaken me?

The bumpy jeep ride continued for hours and my bound body felt every turn and bump in the road of which there were many. Finally things seemed to brighten even under the blanket and I saw the light of morning peeking through a tiny hole in blanket. Not long after the jeep stopped suddenly jarring my tightly bound body against the back wall of the cargo compartment.

I heard the door open and suddenly the blanket was gone and I was left blinking and squinting at the sudden bright sunlight. As my eyes struggled to adjust to it, Rosemary showed me no mercy as she grabbed my head and jerked it painfully to the side so I was forced to look on her face. "Home sweet home, bitch, not so much for you, but for me." She laughed as she began to untie the cruel cords which bound my ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. As each of my limbs was freed I flexed them and saw the deep bruise lines the cords had made.

"Oh are we all sad about our pretty body being all marked up? Get used to wearing the marks of real slavery." Her voice contained an edge of resentment of my beauty.

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