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Missing Aaron
by Kenn Dahll

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Historical Fiction
Description: In this sequel to Soaring with a Hawk, Dirk, an eighteen year old son of pioneers, is devastated when his hero, Aaron, flees with an Indian brave after being caught in a compromising sexual situation. Dirk transfers his admiration to Aaron's younger brother, Zeke, whose life is ruined by his brother's disgrace. His sweetheart's parents have forbidden the pair to become engaged because of the scandal. Jonas, the next younger brother who exposed Aaron's indiscretions, taunts Zeke about hi, including sexual gratification through domination. Jonas is not above proposing incest and hinting at blackmail to entice Zeke and Dirk into his web of deceit and degradation. Dirk is torn between the handsome and athletic, yet elusive, Zeke; and the repulsive and scruffy, yet sexually enticing Jonas. His real need is for masculine affection and he's not sure how to obtain it. Zeke's aloofness, arising from confusion over his attraction to Dirk, drives the object of his desire into Jonas' clutches with disastrous consequences−emotionally and sexually. Aaron, although not physically present, is the motivating force behind the decisions and actions of Dirk, Zeke and Jonas. Sex is the battle ground where Jonas fights for Zeke's approbation in spite of his betrayal of their older brother; and on which he humiliates Dirk in a perverted attempt to emulate Aaron's sexual successes.
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: April 2010


6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [59 KB]
Words: 9350
Reading time: 26-37 min.

I walked the two miles home in a state of befuddlement. Zeke seemed to be on the up and up. He appreciated my friendly gesture and I treasured his embrace. As I walked along the dirt road I conjured up the feel of his body against mine--experiencing again the warmth and manly aroma. As I pictured going from a brotherly hug to a more romantic embrace and even a kiss, my penis enlarged and my coveralls became uncomfortable in the warm late afternoon sun. Walking home became more and more difficult as my prick got harder and harder. "The hell with getting home early!" I muttered and went off the road into a clump of trees.

I lowered my coveralls and undergarment, releasing my very rigid rod to the summer air. Leaning against a tree I grasped my shaft with both hands and raised them to allow my uncut foreskin to dangle off the tip. At least two inches of crinkly skin formed a snout before I pulled the loose skin down to expose my sensitive glans. After several languid strokes, my natural lubricant formed in the slit and the skin slid up and down more easily. I took advantage and sped up my strokes. Closing my eyes, I pictured Aaron, Zeke and the Indian--all naked--touching each others' erect poles, maybe even licking them. An orgasm started in my toes and flowed upward to my balls then along my dick until the sticky white goo erupted onto the forest floor. Several minutes later I pulled up my pants and continued on my way home.

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