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Shifter's Station (Collection)
by Silvia Violet

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Science Fiction
Description: Years ago, the Terran Government betrayed special forces officer Marc Devlin, forcing him to flee for his life. He rescued several fellow officers and built a new life as the head of his own mercenary force. When he captures a beautiful Cerian diplomat, he thinks to torture the man to learn Cerian secrets. Instead, he finds a lover. Months later, Marc and his Cerian lover, Kirlos, take a young woman captive, fearful she might be an agent of one of Marc's oldest enemies. The two men strike a bargain with her that lands her in their bed for a month. As they dole out exquisite torment with their Cerian sex table, passion builds and turns to love. But Marc and Kirlos must fight to keep her and the life they've made for themselves. This e-book collection contains the previously released Shifter's Station series novellas Pilot's Bargain, Pilot's Heart, Loving the Enemy, and Eye of the Tigress. This collection is also available in print.
eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: April 2010


30 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [364 KB]
Words: 78802
Reading time: 225-315 min.

Praise for Pilot's Bargain "There are quick plot twists that keep you on edge until the final outcome of the story and it was a great blend of the erotic, sci-fi and shape shifter." 4 Tattoos! -- Louisa Christina, Erotic Escapades "The tastefully done m/m and ménages mixed with a little bit of kinkiness was quite passionate and oh so hot that toys are a must." 5 Stars!-- Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews Praise for Pilot's Heart "For those readers who relish a good plot and excellent writing then I suggest you indulge. Silvia Violet delivers on all accounts." 4.5 Stars! -- Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews With explosive chemistry, readers will have steam rolling from their ears, so be sure to grab a glass of water before tackling Marcus, Kirlos, and Larissa. Silvia Violet has definitely outdone herself on this story." 5 Angels!-- Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews Praise for Loving the Enemy "Ms. Violet continues to captivate with the third story of her Shifter Station series. It begins with a bang and continues with a thorough seduction of the rather kinky Captain. Having the situation turned on the alpha hero is immensely satisfying." -- Lil, Love Romances "Silvia Violet jumps straight into the heart of the volcano with this sizzler, third in the Shifter's Station Series. The eroticism is jumping from the very first sentence and the ménage of Larissa, Marc, and Kirlos is HOT, HOT, HOT!" 5 Flags! -- Annie, Euro Reviews Praise for Eye of the Tigress "This story is a fast-paced rush. Claire and Jason seem to spontaneously combust on sight and love follows quickly.... Overall, this quick and entertaining read is well worth your time." -- AMG, The Romance Studio "Silvia Violet always writes exceptional erotica, but Shifter's Station 4 goes above and beyond the call of duty. Run to your nearest PC and download this book immediately!!" 5 Kisses, 2.5 Peppers!-- Frost, Two Lips Reviews Read An Excerpt Customer Service: Email form or Phone: (304) 885-4993 Monday-Friday Noon-5PM EST Yahoo! Group The Changeling Bar & Grille Weekly Newsletter Are you missing out? Check out the latest issue and find out how to subscribe! Free Stories Free stories from Changeling Press! All content and artwork is copyright 2004-2010 Changeling Press, LLC and may not be reprinted without permission.

Larissa watched the docking bay doors slide open in preparation for her landing. She negotiated the docking protocol with the station comp and turned over control of her ship. As she progressed through the approach tube, she attached her wrist unit and removed her headset, folding it carefully and tucking it into one of the zippered pockets on her black flight suit.

Fires of hell, she'd be glad to get this run finished. She'd gotten up the nerve to tell her ruthless, conniving boss that if he was going to send her on a run to some godforsaken corner of Common World space with illegal cargo, she was taking two standard weeks off when she returned. Of course there was only a slim chance he'd give her the pay she deserved, and without it, she wouldn't be able to do anything but sit at home.

Her ship coasted to a stop, and she popped the cabin door.

A port authority officer stood waiting for her to descend the ramp to ground level. Without even looking up from his handheld unit, he held out his hand. "Cargo log."

Friendly place. She handed him a data chip, and he plugged it into his unit. "This looks to be in order, but I've been requested to have my men inspect the goods. Wait here."

Larissa stepped to the side. Exhaustion had hit her as soon as the adrenaline rush that always came with racing through hyperspace had eased. She glanced down at her wrist unit. She'd been awake for eighteen hours, and the flight back would take at least another eight. She'd wanted to head for Earth as soon as her cargo was unloaded, but she'd be crazy to risk it. After the inspection, she'd have to see about finding a berth for the night.

Four dock workers wearing loose, brown coveralls appeared in response to the port authority officer's call for unloaders. Larissa watched as they carried box after box of military grade assault weapons off her ship.

She took a deep breath. Her boss had assured her that the station's captain would see that her shipment made it through inspection and into his personal warehouse. Not that she trusted her boss, but he stood to make a lot of money from the deal so she doubted he'd have sent her if he wasn't confident.

Nevertheless, a shiver of fear raced down her body as one of the workers popped the top off the first crate. He lifted a plasma assault rifle. Laying it aside, he lifted a second one then flipped the switch to warm it up.

Larissa saw the flash of light before she heard the explosion.

"Nooo!" She raced toward the men. Her desire to save them overrode her instinct for self-protection.

One look at the body of the man who'd been holding the rifle told her he was dead. No one could survive burns like those. Two of the men were starting to rise. The fourth looked as if he would be all right, but he had raw open burns down his arm. He lay on the ground, moaning.

Larissa bent down to him, wishing she knew how to help. But before she could inspect his injuries, her arms were wrenched behind her. She felt the cold metal of a cuff close around one of her wrists.

"What the hell?" She jerked, trying to free herself. But a second cuff encircled her other wrist before she could get loose.

"That should hold you." She looked over her shoulder and saw the port authority officer who'd taken her log. He had a death grip on the length of chain between her wrists.

Larissa stood at the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor. She ran to the door of her cell and looked through the bars. Two men walked toward her, both wearing uniforms similar to those of the security guards who'd taken her, but with red satin sashes instead of brown.

The man on the left wore a short, red jacket with leather trim and gold braid at the shoulders. She tried to swallow around the lump in her throat. Was he Captain Devlin? If so, she was either about to be freed or about to be sent to her death.

Her heart sped up as she watched them approach but not just from fear. Both men were breath-taking. The man in the jacket had dark hair cut severely short and a square face with harsh features. He was tall and broad-shouldered, but he moved with fluid grace. The thick muscles of his thighs strained against his breeches as he walked. And she couldn't help but notice the impressive bulge at his crotch.

The other man had blond hair that nearly reached his waist. A narrow braid circled his head to hold his hair out of his eyes, but his hair was otherwise unrestrained. His eyes were too large for him to be human. Their orangey-yellow color and his deeply red lips made her think he was Cerian, but she couldn't fathom what a Cerian would be doing on the station unless he was in the brig with her.

"Step back from the bars," the dark-haired man said when they were within a few paces of her cell.

His voice held a tone of assured authority. His confidence in her obedience made her want to stand her ground, but her good sense overrode that instinct, and she stepped back.

The blond man pressed a button on his wrist unit, and the door to her cell slid open. Both men entered.

The dark-haired man spoke first. "I'm Captain Marcus Devlin. I own this station."

So she had guessed right.

He gestured toward his companion. "This is my second, Commander Kirlos Adesta."

Larissa looked at the blond man again. He had to be Cerian. No other race she'd encountered had those prominent cheekbones or startling eyes that reminded her of the swirling colors of fall leaves. What the hell was he doing serving on a station hovering above a planet his people had failed to conquer?

"I've already told your security chief that I had no idea the weapons were faulty."

The captain's eyes narrowed as he gave her a slow assessment. "I've read your testimony."

Something in the way he looked at her made heat race to her pussy. She'd heard he was a hard-assed bastard. It would figure he'd be gorgeous as hell too. "My boss set me up. He's the one you need to go after."

The captain raised his brows. "I'm not concerned with who gave you the weapons. Pilots must take responsibility for their own cargo."

"Company policy does not permit me to examine the cargo. I pilot the ship. That's all I do."

His lips curled up in a cruel smile. "How unfortunate for you."

The commander cleared his throat, and Larissa noticed he was giving the captain a pointed stare. "Captain, would you like me to scan her for truth telling?"

The captain tilted his head to the side, giving her a piercing glare. After several long seconds during which Larissa didn't breathe, he nodded.

Adesta stepped toward her.

She held up her hand as if that could ward him off. "Wait, what does this scan entail?"

"Prisoners aren't --"

The commander cut off whatever the captain was going to say. "I have the ability to probe your mind to determine if you're telling the truth. And if you are lying, I can compel the truth from you."

Larissa studied him for a moment. He seemed sincere and somewhat dismayed by the captain's brusque manner. "Do it."

She felt pressure on her head, as if someone were mashing the heel of their hand against her forehead. Then the pressure turned to pain. It grew sharper until it felt like a needle was boring into her skull.

She felt tension radiating from Adesta. "Stop fighting it."

"I... can't. I don't --"

Then the pain spread as if her skull had cracked. She fell to her knees, panting. The world began to go black. But just before she passed out, the pain disappeared.

"Fires of hell, she's strong."

The captain snorted. "Did you get through?"

"Yes, she's telling the truth."

Thank the gods. They would have to let her go now. Larissa heard the men speaking, but they sounded very far away. A dull pounding still echoed in her head. Nothing like the tearing pain of the scan, but she still wasn't sure she could stand.

Then she felt a hand on her arm. It was the commander. She wanted to refuse his assistance, but she didn't want to be on her knees in front of the captain. He was arrogant enough without her prostrating herself like a slave.

When the commander helped her to her feet, she stepped away and forced herself to focus on Devlin. His dark eyes were narrow and cold. "Who taught you to shield your thoughts?"

"My boss."

Devlin raised his brows. "You need this ability often on cargo runs?"

"When you take these kinds of jobs, you do."

He laughed. "I suppose you are right. Federated Transport isn't exactly a legitimate business."

"And yours is?"

Adesta's lips curled into a wicked smile. "You seem to be losing your touch, Captain. You usually have them trembling in their boots by now."

Larissa just managed to keep from rolling her eyes. The captain might be one delightfully put together man, but she had no intention of rolling over for him. "Can I go now?"

Devlin scowled. "No."

"The commander has established my innocence."

"He has established that you were unaware that the weapons were faulty. But I still have one dead crewman and several more injured. Someone has to pay."

"Yes. That someone is my bastard of a boss."

"But he's not here, and you are."

"Captain." The warning glare in the commander's eyes gave Larissa hope he might convince his superior to let her go.

"She stays."

Larissa's heart pounded. "You can't be serious."

He gave a cold smile. "I'm always serious."

Larissa clasped her hands behind her back to hide their shaking. "You can't just keep me here."

"I can do anything I damn well please."

"But --"

The captain stepped toward her. She stabbed her nails into her palms, hoping the pain would dull her fear and help her hold her ground.

Devlin grasped the single braid that hung down her back and jerked her head to the side. "I am the law here. No one questions what I do. If I wanted to shove you out an airlock, that's exactly what I'd do. No one would dare protest."

She held her breath, and commanded her suddenly rubbery legs to keep her upright.

He let her go and stepped back. "Fortunately for you, I have something far more pleasant in mind as repayment for your crimes."

Larissa's lungs burned, but she couldn't seem to fill them with air. She forced herself to look him in the eye. "I have no intention of letting you punish me for a crime I didn't commit."

Adesta smirked. "I like her spirit."

The captain stared at her intently. "So do I. The spirited ones are so much more fun to break."

Larissa's heart hammered against her chest. She knew her eyes were wide and her fear shone all too plainly. She felt like a rabbit cornered by a wolf -- a big bad wolf with plans to eat her.

Now why the hell did that thought make her body feel hot and tight? She was so damn wet she'd likely soaked through her flight suit. What was wrong with her?

Devlin took a long, deliberate inhale. "Mmm. I think she likes us more than she wants us to know."

Shit! The last thing she needed was for him to be aware of how she was responding to them. She needed to convince them to let her go. But before she could think of anything to say, Devlin's lips curled up in a wicked smile.

"Since you seem so interested in the issue of fairness, why don't we strike a bargain?"

"What bargain would that be?" Larissa mentally cursed the quaver she heard in her voice.

His smile widened. "I will spend the next two hours convincing you that you want to stay. If you can resist, you go free. If you can't, you agree to remain on the station as my servant for the next month."

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