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The Doctor's Call
by Shara Bloodstone

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Stunning Wendy Schaefer is new to southern Florida's Gulf Coast. The enclave, consisting primarily of rich retirees, is an alternate reality to her previous life, its wealthy older men a far cry from the hotties she left back in New York City. Not quite sure where she fits into this environment, she wistfully wonders if she'll ever get laid again. After settling into her new position at work, Wendy decides to get out and start meeting fellow citizens of Sarasota.

The wedding reception for Wendy's social-climbing cousin provides the perfect venue for making new friends. And when handsome and middle-aged M.D. Myles Olsen offers Wendy his business card, she graciously accepts it. While her cousin's friends warn Wendy the doctor is married, she insists her interest is based purely on health needs...she just doesn't explain which needs she has in mind.

Once she's on the examination table, she's tickled to have those needs met and learns, firsthand, of the kinky special services that trail the intriguing doctor in talk around town. Who knew a gynecologist could provide so much feisty fun?

Genres: Literary Erotica / Contemporary / Chick Lit / Voyeurism
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: April 2010


6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [73 KB]
Words: 13247
Reading time: 37-52 min.

She forced herself to breathe while he went over to the vacant stool and nudged with the tip of his foot against it, sending it gliding over to the edge of the table. She hungrily awaited his attention while he manipulated the stool into place. Once he had it positioned, he looked her over again, ogling her body like a starving man. When he finally sat down, Wendy cast her eyes between her legs until he settled into place.

Her head fell back against the table, and she rolled it side to side with increasing frustration and the crave of his touch.

With authority, he clasped one hand around the fleshy part of her thigh and reached the other toward her hairless cunt. He ran a finger between her outer and inner lips, watching as he did. He then lightly squeezed her inner labia between the index finger and thumb, drawing gasps from her. He moved his fingers only a centimeter, it seemed, but the effect was one of multi-leveled waves of bliss flowing through her genitals. Wendy began to rock her hips in response.

"You like that?" he whispered.

"I like everything you do," she gasped.

The doctor slid his middle finger into her, then added the index. She gasped and groaned all the more. As he finger-fucked her, he slipped the thumb of his other hand down and circled it over her clitoris. She gurgled incomprehensible words of excitement as he increased the circling rhythm, her hips gyrating in response.

When he took his thumb off her clit, Wendy was about to beg for more. She was even more disappointed when she felt his fingers depart her hole. When she craned her neck up, however, all she could see was the crown of his dark, shiny hair between her slender thighs. The sudden sensation of his tongue against her slit made her cry out. She closed her eyes as his tongue licked her inner labia from the bottom up, over and over, flooding her with such intense pleasure she could only gasp and whimper with joy. Any words she was about to utter remained unspoken as she absorbed the sensation of his fingers spreading her cunt to lick her up and down with greater fervor.

Yes, she thought as white heat flared behind her lids, he certainly knows his anatomy.

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