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Wranglers: Voir Dire [Wranglers, Book II]
by Vivien Dean

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: The sequel to Amber Allure best-seller Wranglers: Discovery...

Attorney Sam Kimball finally gets what he's wanted ever since meeting Derek Rossi across a conference room table--his legal rival in his bed. The sex is fantastic, but Derek makes it clear from the start this is a no-strings arrangement. That's why Sam doesn't bother letting Derek know about the weekend he needs to spend in Napa as best man in his friends' commitment ceremony.

But when Derek finds out, and inexplicably agrees to go along as his date, Sam is both excited and terrified. This will be the first time either of them has met the others friends. He has no idea how Derek is going to handle it, or worse, if he really wants to handle it at all...

NOTE: Don't miss Wranglers: The Defense Rests, the third story in the series, available November 2009...

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Series
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: April 2010


25 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [88 KB]
Words: 18368
Reading time: 52-73 min.

"5 Stars!...I loved the first story in this series, so I was very excited to find Wranglers: Voir Dire. And I wasn't disappointed! In fact, this story was so hot, I think smoke came out of the back of my poor Kindle! This second book is even better than the first!...Dean has a subtle texture to her writing that leaves you feeling very much involved with her characters, be it their thoughts, their gestures, their words or (woo hoo) their very hot sexual encounters...This book stands alone, but if Sam and Derek grab your heart as they did mine, you'll want to start with Wranglers: Discovery...And the best news of all is that there will be two more stories in this series, coming out in November and January. I can't wait."--Carole, Rainbow Reviews

"4.5 Stars!...I really like Sam, our vertically-challenged, twangy-when-he-wants-to-be Texan, and I felt for him in his confusion and frustration over Derek's behavior -- public displays, amiability, comments--all conflicting with what he knows about the man in the several months they've been together...I like their little confessions...I like their conversations (when they're communicating effectively, that is) and banter. I also like how they are together in general: two really smart men who have a lot in common...I highly recommend this little book to those interested in the genre, fans of the author, and those who read the first book of the series..."--Aunt Lynn, Reviews By Jessewave

"4 Nymphs!...The flow of the story isn't a race; rather it's a slow and thoughtful build up to the moment of change...that one brief second when a relationship can move on to the next step, or crash and burn a painful death. Ms. Dean did a nice job with the pacing and the plot and reactions of Sam and Derek were well written and realistic. I particularly enjoyed their bantering conversation and seeing them both in a pubic forum was a nice change of pace from the previous release...I look forward to learning more about this ongoing relationship and Derek in particular, with the next release. Enjoy."--Mystical Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews

A pleased smile spread over Derek's handsome features. "I closed Zoe Barragan's case today. Nailed that bastard ex of hers to the wall."

Sam brightened at the announcement. He'd referred his neighbor to Derek while they'd still been just colleagues. He'd known Derek might see it as a calculated move, but the fact of the matter was, Derek was one of the best lawyers in San Francisco for good reason. Zoe had needed someone who was both tenacious and adept at navigating the somewhat sticky waters of her upper class world. Sam had known the two would be perfect for each other--she had lots of money to spend on getting her life back in order, and Derek had the skill to make it happen. The bonus side effect had been proving to Derek once and for all that, when it came to Derek, Sam didn't always think with his dick.

"I'll bet she's thrilled. She can finally relax again."

Derek snorted. "The day that woman relaxes is the day she dies. But she can breathe easier, at least."

"And you know you can count on her for referrals now. She's loyal that way."

"Maybe. I'm just glad it all had a happy ending."

Sam traced along the edge of the cardboard sleeve on his still-too-hot coffee, waiting for Derek to continue. This was information he could have emailed Sam rather than tell in person. There had to be more to why he'd sought Sam out.

True to form, Derek cleared his throat. "So I was thinking. We haven't really had a chance to see each other this week, and this feels like something we should celebrate. At my place." His dark eyes honed in on Sam's, fathomless, intense. "All weekend."

The deep hunger gleaming in Derek's gaze electrified Sam's veins. Hell, everything about Derek had driven Sam to distraction from the moment they first met. But after things had turned sexual, in those moments just between the two of them when Derek would let his guard down and look at Sam with every ounce of desire he had, Sam nearly lost it completely. He'd had his share of lovers before Derek, but not one of them pushed him as hard as Derek did, not one of them had ever left him shaky with just one burning glance. It was actually better in some ways that they tried to avoid each other at the office. The longer they were involved, the harder it got to keep his hands to himself.

He absolutely loved Derek's suggestion. There was only one problem.

"I can't. I'm not going to be here this weekend."

Derek frowned, his features shuttering. "You have plans?"

Though Derek carefully guarded his tone, Sam could read him well enough to know the admission surprised him, and more, that he didn't like it. Any other time, he might have wallowed in the jealousy he'd sparked. This wasn't that time, though.

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