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Pitfalls of Desire: Winston
by Jennifer Campbell

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Winston Denning is a rich CEO of his own corporation who has four women wrapped around his finger--or so he believes. His wife Victoria lives in virtual slavery to him and is about to be condemned to a life as a stripper. His maid, Gina, has become his sex toy, as has his corporate assistant, Cassidy, and worst of all--Tanya, already a chastised sex slave, whom he has forced to sell her body for money. Pitfalls of Desire tells the story of what happens when Victoria Denning stands up for herself and, along with the new-found friends, turns the tables on her husband in a most bizarre and sexual way. Warning: This title contains graphic depictions of male feminization, chastity, and forced sexual service.
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: March 2010


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [352 KB]
Words: 66226
Reading time: 189-264 min.

"Get up, bitch, and go fetch the champagne, now!"

Quicker than Vicky could imagine, Abby rose, curtseyed, and fled the room her heels clacking down the hallway. To Vicky, Abby seemed truly terrified of her Mistress, but then she considered. Perhaps this is an example of what can be achieved with Winston. This thought pleased her.

"Now you're not going to disappoint me are you, Vicky? So many wives of rich bastards are unwilling to go the full distance with my training regimen." Lucinda looked truly concerned about Vicky's resolve.

"Well, right now I don't know what your full distance is, so I can't really answer now can I. You'll have to define it before I can say yes, Lucinda."

"Well said and precisely why we are here. By the time you leave you'll understand what going the distance means to me. Now while we wait for our champagne why don't you tell me what naughty things your bastard has done."

This seemed logical to Vicky so she launched into Winston's sins. "Okay, well, Winston's always been abusive and controlling, but for the past two years our marriage has been sexless and loveless making it just a hollow shell. He's been dipping his little stick in three other women though; our maid Gina, his office assistant Cassidy, and a friend from Yale named Tanya. Tanya was actually chastised and forced into prostitution, but he has much the same plans for me I found out yesterday. My future holds divorce and forced labor as a strip club whore. The reason time is a factor is I've rescued Tanya with the help of a friendly P.I. and it's only a matter of time until he discovers she's gone. Also the next step in my degradation happens Monday at the strip club." Vicky stopped hoping she'd covered it all.

"I see, well he's clearly in need of training and deserving of all measures of revenge. May I ask is there a financial component here? I say this because often wives are penny poor until they actually get hold of their husband's assets." Lucinda's voice sounded calm, and Vicky was astonished she knew about the financial issue before she was told.

"Well, I'm operating on a $10,000 credit card right now. When it runs out . . ." Vicky shrugged her shoulders.

"I see, so you'll need documents signed quickly which put you in charge of Denning Enterprises say within a week?" Lucinda's eyes inquired.

Vicky could not believe how well this woman understood. She must have done this before to other husbands, how else would she know? "A week would be amazing. Cassidy, his office assistant is preparing the papers. Can this really happen before Monday so I don't have to do something else degrading before that club manager and his bouncer?"

Lucinda raised her hand to interrupt. "Of course it can, but I'll leave when to Carina, my daughter. She loves the action of seizing the prey, like the hunt. You'll meet her tonight as she's on her way here now to join us. I don't want to speak for her but she might want to take your bastard Saturday night, if she doesn't have a prior engagement. To her, capturing naughty men is almost like sex."

Quietly Vicky breathed a sigh of relief over the likelihood she would not have to see Manny again, but she wondered how much this was all going to cost. "Lucinda, this is all wonderful, but how much will it all cost?"

"Lot's, Vicky, well more than your $10,000 limit, but the beauty of it is you pay only for results. Meaning until your bastard signs the papers making you an obscenely rich woman, my services are free. It works for both of us, you get to delay payment until you are filthy rich, and I charge more for making all this possible." Lucinda smiled as she looked at her aviary and her three pet falcons.

"Have you done this often, Lucinda?"

Lucinda laughed. "It may help you to think of me as a privateer, Vicky, afloat in a sea of rich bastards who steer their corporate ships with their trophy wives in virtual slavery to them. Like a pirate of old, I capture the bastard, force him to sign over his ship and his fortune to you and take a reasonable commission for my work. Then the fun begins with the breaking and training of your bastard into whatever you wish him to be. I'll get into the possibilities there when Abby returns." Again Lucinda's cool confidence in her ability shone through making Vicky feel it all could be done and her Winston would be broken.

"One last question and I don't mean to be rude, but what if he doesn't break? I mean he really is a bastard and he loves his money more than anything." There was a knock on the door from Abby after Vicky's question.

"Well, I can guarantee there is one thing more important to your Winston than his money. He will break." Lucinda flashed a smile of pure evil as she summoned Abby.

"Get in here, slut, and serve."

When Abby entered she was holding in her hands a silver tray with two glasses and a champagne bucket and bottle on it. Dutifully, she poured and served Vicky and then her Mistress.

"Leave the tray on the table and fetch my crop for punishment. You missed a spot on my right boot."

Abby set the tray down on a side table and click-clacked off to somewhere while Vicky wondered why Lucinda delighted in treating a young woman so. When Abby returned she had a leather riding crop firmly clenched in her teeth and after presenting it to her Mistress she bent over and exposed her panty-clad bottom to Lucinda. A second later, Lucinda took a sip of champagne and then lashed out cruelly with the crop.

"You need to understand how males are controlled, Vicky. For all their muscular strength and bluster, they are really quite vulnerable creatures. Their wanton and intense desire is their Achilles' heel so once you control their constant desire you control them." Lucinda continued to take slashing strokes with her crop on the white panties covering Abby's bottom. From her vantage point, Vicky saw the maid's pained facial expression and her tears as she took her punishment.

"See, like your friend Tanya, you can deprive a woman of sex and lock her in a chastity belt, but the effect while bothersome and depriving isn't as intense as with the male. Men revolve around their penis so when you lock it up they are lost and will do anything for the possibility of release. Then you own the beast and you can train him to do anything, and I mean anything." Lucinda stopped the brutal cropping of Abby's ass, but the maid stayed still in her bent forward position facing Vicky as if she were afraid to move.

Vicky was confused. What does cropping Abby have to do with controlling the male? If she wanted to impress me with her ability to control a man, wouldn't she use one

"Your little clitty is trying to get hard, isn't it, Abby?" Lucinda mocked the maid. "Perhaps you should beg Vicky to play with your pussy. She might rub it for you and make you feel good."

Vicky didn't understand. Is she in some kind of chastity under her panties? Looking closely Vicky imagined she saw a bulge but wasn't sure.

Lucinda saw the confusion in Vicky's eyes. "Stand up, Abby, and take those panties off so Vicky can see what you really are."

Obediently Abby stood up and her hands pulled down her panties and pulled up her pink latex skirt to reveal a sight Vicky could barely believe. Oh, my god, how can it be? She's a, I mean, he's a male. There, staring Vicky in the face was a flaccid male member trapped in a pink plastic chastity device which caged both Abby's scrotum and her shaft making erection impossible. To add to her humiliation a pink sissy bow was tied just above the imprisoning device around Abby's scrotum.

"Now show your pretty breasts, slut. Your ex-wife paid good money for them." At Lucinda's command Abby unzipped the dress and exposed a pair of bounteous, enhanced breasts.

"Now show your sissy pussy. Maybe Vicky will want to finger you there." At this command Abby whirled around and pulled her ass cheeks apart to show how her bottom hole was plugged with a huge pink butt plug.

Astounded, Vicky managed to mumble. "How did you do this to him?"

"It's mostly the mental training, making them behave and think as slutty little girlies, but then there are the physical enhancements which complete the effect nicely and actually make them believe they are what you tell them they are. This is what I mean by going the distance, Vicky. What I would hope you would want for your bastard, but you think about it as I know it's a lot to take in. However, if you want him to understand what it's like to have done the things he's done to women there are no better ways than to make him into a woman so he can experience first hand the humiliation he's wreaked."

Vicky's mind was reeling at this amazing and perverted fate for Winston. Could I do this to him? I'm not sure, but it is tempting, very tempting. Vicky looked over the enhanced she-male slave and was more and more pulled into the beauty of this solution. What better way to subjugate him after he's disrespected and abused women than to make him into one so he can suffer the same fate he dispensed.

Vicky came back to the moment. "Does he belong to you?" Vicky immediately noticed a confused look on Abby's face.

"Please refer to Abby as she, Vicky, my conditioning convinces them they are female, imperfect but female, and it can be detrimental to the conditioning to refer to them as male. I actually create a female persona inside the formerly male body with mind control and memory restructuring." Lucinda stood and reached out to fondle Abby's chastised penis, touching the head through the pee slit to torment her. "It's not her fault she has an ugly clitty which has to be locked up is it, Abby?"

"No. Mistress, but you promised, someday if I was a good girl."

Vicky could not believe the look of hope on Abby's feminine face as she spoke, but she didn't understand what this promise was. "What promise, Lucinda?"

Lucinda giggled. "It's also something which is part of the end conditioning. I promise to take away their ugly clits surgically and give them a beautiful new pussy if they behave perfectly. It gives them a new goal to strive for." Lucinda rose and went to Vicky whispering in her ear. "I've yet to actually grant the dream to any of my 'girls', but Abby is closest to the goal. Yet she was a terrible bastard, beating her ex-wife so badly the women didn't want her around, female or not, after she got control of his fortune. It's why I own her now, but she does come in handy to shock the new bastards. Imagine what your Winston will think when he first lays his eyes on a naked Abby?"

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