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Trouble and Trolls [Book One of a Very Heavy Fairy Tale]
by James Pittaro

Category: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Description: The world was fair and free until a Troll ate the First High Official and twenty good men. The King is not pleased and sends a group of adventurers to get that Trolls head on a plate. But this Troll isn't going to take that kind of thing lying down you know.

Laced with humorous dialogue and set in a quickly moving storyline. Dark forces are at work, but then again they always are; so keep a wary eye about. If the King keeps pressing that Troll well people just won't feel safe in their beds, and there is just no telling what is going to happen next. Maybe the great Wizard can do something about this awful state of affairs? One thing's for sure carnage and mayhem are sure to follow. This is the first book in the 'A Very Heavy Fairy Tale' series of books.
eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing, 2010 Double Dragon eBooks
eBookwise Release Date: January 2010


14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [193 KB]
Words: 42702
Reading time: 122-170 min.


Everything was fine in the Kingdom, until a Troll ate the First High Official. Now the King is not pleased, and someone has to go down there and get that Troll's head on a plate. Well don't look at me I'm just the narrator.

* * * *

Chapter 1: Under the Bridge

"I am crusher and breaker of hearts. The creature of darkness and endless shadow and I challenge all who pass."

"You're joking, right? What language is that sign written in?"

"It looks like 'Troll' to me."

"Well that's not good is it?" The two adventurers looked at each other in dismay.

The tall one spoke.

"Well turn back or carry on then?"

"I will follow you, my good fellow."

"Then let's go and be quick. It will be night soon and that's the day done for. Besides, I am still good with a long sword."

The shorter man replied.

"Aye and this axe has always served me well in a fight."

More brave talk followed and they led their tired horses around the rock path. A river was burbling in the fading light.

"I've heard many stories about this place. They say the Troll guards this bridge day and night without the need for sleep, or rest."

"Aye that'll be right!" The short man gave a hearty laugh. "I've never met a Troll who could stand the daylight. If it's a Troll then we can pass before the setting of the sun. Come on, let's go, we still have a few minutes before that. Let's get on our horses and charge."

So they jumped onto their horses and shouted "ger-on" and galloped towards the bridge. But something stirred from the shadows, and was in front of them before they could take the clear path. The horses were afraid and harder to control; the two men struggled to keep abreast their backs. The huge creature stepped forward as the last of the day's sun shone upon its ugly, brutish face. The malice of its presence was so frightening that the horses became terrified, dislodging their riders, and galloping away into the wilderness.

The men ran to each other to stand as brothers and face this awful evil. The sight of a black Troll so large would have frozen the heart of the bravest adventurer. The men looked at each other for a sign of what to do, and drew their weapons, taking the fight over to the beast. The Troll looked at them and laughed a gloating sound so loud that they were suddenly afraid. The creature stood up to its massive overbearing height and gestured with a giant black hand for them to stop, laughing deeply all the while.

They didn't know what to make of this and halted the charge. The Troll looked at them and they became fixed by its evil malice. The laughing stopped.

"You did not see the sign then?"

"We saw the sign all right but thought to pass anyway."

"So the warning was fair and your folly will be your end."

"Can we not turn around in this final moment?"

"No...I think not."

"Can we offer you the trinkets and gold we have as a gesture to let us walk away with our lives?"

"I will rob your broken corpses."

"Then you have given us no option but to fight."

"You passed the sign and did not heed the warning. There is no hope for you."

The men looked at each other and agreed in that moment to battle on. The charge continued, but out-matched and committed to a hopeless fight some miracle would be needed to save them. The desperate struggle continued with none of their efforts leading to victory, and moments later they had both been killed by the Troll.

An orange disk of the setting sun left behind a darkened shadow formed horizon. The Troll picked up their broken and limp bodies, and dragged them under the bridge. The sound of crunching bones was soon heard.

* * * *

Chapter 2: Be Careful What You Wish For

It is true that the final wish of a dying man could be granted by the Gods. In order that the lost essence of that poor fellow would not be in vain, and some kind of balance might be restored into the mixture of existence.

So it was that the final wish of one short fellow was ushered up to Heaven, and was received by the Gods. It is ironic how that poor man would not be around to suffer the consequences of his foolish and untimely wish.

However, others surely would, and as the next day's sun crept over the dew of the morning fields, another strange set of events were put in motion that would take some believing and even more undoing.

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