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Isaac Asimov
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Bio: Isaac Asimov is one of the select group of authors credited with establishing science fiction as serious literature, as well as one of the most recognized names in the publishing world.

Born in Petrovichi, Russia in 1920, Isaac emigrated with his parents to America at a very young age. He entered Columbia University at the age of 15 and graduated with a doctorate in chemistry. Beginning in 1949, he became an instructor, an associate professor, and later full professor. He taught biochemistry at Boston University's School of Medicine, and his scientific research includes work in kinetics, photochemistry, enzymology, and irradiation.

As a writer, he began with marginal success before teaming with the editor of Astounding Science Fiction magazine, John Campbell. By 1941, Asimov had written thirty-one stories, only fourteen of which had been published. At that time, he considered himself little more than a third-rate writer. In March of that year, he began his thirty-second story, based on an idea suggested by Campbell. By early April, he finished the story, titled "Nightfall", and the history of science fiction was changed forever.

With "Nightfall," Asimov triggered a spark of awareness in the publishing community that science fiction could be more than Buck Rogers comic books. His "Foundation" series and robot novels (he coined the word "robotics") are acknowledged as the cornerstone of modern science fiction. Asimov's Foundation series was awarded the Best All-time Novel Series Hugo Award in 1966. He was awarded the special lifetime Nebula Grandmaster award in 1987.

Over the next fifty years, Isaac Asimov would distinguish himself as one of the most prolific, versatile, and creative authors ever. His broad range of works includes histories, childrens' books, collections of articles, mysteries, and books concerning the Bible, literature, geography, humor, and nonfiction science material. He managed over his creative lifetime to have at least one book included in each of the Dewey Decimal System's 10 major library classifications. He was known for his profound knowledge of Shakespeare, the Bible, Gilbert and Sullivan, limericks, and history, whether it be Roman, Greek or American.

Isaac Asimov died in 1992 at the age of 72.


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1 S as in Zebatinsky
by Isaac Asimov
  Marshall Zebatinsky was embarrassed. He, a nuclear physicist, visiting a numerologist in the hopes of furthering his career--to be famous. Was he so desperate for advancement that he would resort to the superstition, or worse fakery, of a numerologist? It was at his wife urgings and now the numerologist has told him that by changing one letter in his name all his dreams would come true. This story originally appeared in Star Science Fiction magazine in 1958. It later appeared in the story collec... more info>> (Published: 1958)

Words: 5475 - Reading Time: 15-21 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Humor
27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 The Covenant
by Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch
  Poul Anderson, Murray Leinster, Robert Bloch, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Sheckley pool their talents in a classic round-robin novella that stretches humanity almost to the breaking point on the wrack of Time and Space. Humanity was falling before the onslaught of the Cloud People, soon the last remains would be wiped out. So they sent Ban to the Prophetess for an oracle. "What you must overcome is Time itself," she told him and sent him off accompanied only by the youngest of her handmaidens. But ... more info>>

Words: 15045 - Reading Time: 42-60 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
21 Reader Ratings:
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