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Tristan Jones
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Bio: Tristan Jones was born at sea aboard his father's sailing ship off of the cape of Tristan da Cunha. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of fourteen, and spent his entire life at sea. He sailed a record 400,000 miles during his career with the navy and on a delivery yacht and has gone on several ambitious journeys on his own small ships. For the last few years of his life, he retired to Phuket, Thailand aboard his cruising trimaran. Jones wrote many books about his remarkable life, including Saga of a Wayward Sailor and Ice!

1. Long [115538 words]Outward Leg by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
2. Long [91251 words]Seagulls In My Soup by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
3. Long [85003 words]Heart of Oak by Tristan Jones [Historical Fiction]
4. Long [101487 words]A Steady Trade: A Boyhood at Sea by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
5. Long [80815 words]Saga of a Wayward Sailor by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
  1. Long [80815 words]Saga of a Wayward Sailor by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
2. Long [85872 words]Ice! by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
3. Long [101487 words]A Steady Trade: A Boyhood at Sea by Tristan Jones [General Nonfiction]
4. Long [85003 words]Heart of Oak by Tristan Jones [Historical Fiction]

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1 A Steady Trade: A Boyhood at Sea
by Tristan Jones
  Tristan Jones vividly and colorfully describes his childhood as a Welsh boy growing up by the sea. The story of his boyhood in pre-World War II England is strikingly charming and nostalgic. The challenges and adventures he encounters will have you seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, and tasting the sea as you travel with him through this coming-of-age story. (Published: 1982)

Words: 101487 - Reading Time: 289-405 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Aka
by Tristan Jones
  In a last-ditch stab at fortune and glory, middle-aged adventurer Bill Conan enters a 30,000-mile single-handed round-the-world race. This ultimate test of skill, strength, and endurance leads him across the treacherous Atlantic Ocean's vast expanse, where a sudden change in wind throws him off balance and sends him overboard. Alone in the still, open sea, he struggles to keep from drowning, knowing it is a fight that he will eventually lose. But Conan has stumbled into the migratory path of a b... more info>> (Published: 1981)

Words: 86299 - Reading Time: 246-345 min.
Category: Mainstream

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3 Heart of Oak
by Tristan Jones
  World War II helped to define Tristan Jones as an adventurous Welsh youth. After losing his parents, he spent much of his life working on sailing barges and so he is no stranger to the seas when he is called to fight for Britain during the Blitz in 1940. Tristan Jones is not only caught in the middle of arduous battles on board, but also the tragic battles he must fight in his heart. When the British Royal Navy commissions him to embark on transatlantic duties on the HMS Eclectic, HMS Hood and t... more info>> (Published: 1984)

Words: 85003 - Reading Time: 242-340 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Ice!
by Tristan Jones
  Retiring on a pension after being torpedoed in WWII, Tristan Jones embarks on a test of endurance that will last over two years, nearly killing him more than once. Attempting to sail farther North than anyone ever has, he embarks from Iceland on the Cresswell in the summer of 1959. His only companion? A three-legged, one-eyed Labrador named Nelson. He spends his first winter holed up near an Eskimo village in a Greenland fjord. After a violent snowstorm and without an adequate supply of food, he... more info>> (Published: 1978)

Words: 85872 - Reading Time: 245-343 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
17 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Outward Leg
by Tristan Jones
  After having his left leg amputated and spending several years ashore, Tristan Jones decided to return to the sea. In October 1983, Jones and his only crew member, Wally Rediske, set out from San Diego in Outward Leg, a 36-foot trimaran, intending to circumnavigate the world from west to east by sail. Outward Leg chronicles the preparation for launch and the first part of that inspiring journey (continued in The Improbable Voyage). Tristan sailed down the western coast of Central America through... more info>> (Published: 1985)

Words: 115538 - Reading Time: 330-462 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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6 Saga of a Wayward Sailor
by Tristan Jones
  Tristan Jones was one of the most acclaimed sea-faring storytellers ever. The combative Welshman was born at sea on a ship off Tristan da Cunha. He dropped out of school at 14 to work on sailing barges, and then spent the rest of his life at sea--first in the Royal Navy, then as a delivery skipper, then as a daring adventurer. Saga of a Wayward Sailor tells the tale of one of his most exciting adventures. Jones sails through treacherous waters aboard the Cresswell, a lifeboat converted into a sa... more info>> (Published: 1979)

Words: 80815 - Reading Time: 230-323 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
28 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Seagulls In My Soup
by Tristan Jones
  Join Tristan Jones as he tells tales of the humorous and fascinating adventures that his Saga of a Wayward Sailor began. Discover more anecdotes and unexpected adventures aboard a converted lifeboat ketch cruising the coasts of the Balearic region with Tristan, his one-eyed, three-legged dog, Nelson and the prim Bishop's sister, Sissie St. John. It's a prolific prose journey of surprising arrivals, machine gun-thwarting and ship-saving escapades of a wayward sailor and his motley crew. (Published: 1991)

Words: 91251 - Reading Time: 260-365 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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8 Somewheres East of Suez
by Tristan Jones
  In 1983 Tristan Jones, well known as one of the finest sailing adventure writers of our time, had his left leg amputated. Refusing to become landbound after a lifetime at sea, he acquired a specially designed, virtually untippable 38-foot trimaran and began to sail around the world. Outward Leg is the tale of his intrepid voyage from San Diego to London. The Improbable Voyage chronicles his heroic journey along an unusual and hazardous route from the North Sea, through the rivers of Central Euro... more info>> (Published: 1988)

Words: 94154 - Reading Time: 269-376 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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9 The Improbable Voyage
by Tristan Jones
  The Improbable Voyage is the account of master sailor and storyteller Tristan Jones' 2,307-mile voyage across Europe in an oceangoing trimaran, Outward Leg. Continuing his round-the-world journey, Jones traveled from the North Sea to the Black Sea via the rivers Rhine and Danube. Battling ice and cold, life-threatening rapids and narrow defiles, German bureaucrats and Romanian frontier police, the indomitable Jones made his way through eight countries and emerged triumphant, if battered, bruised... more info>> (Published: 1986)

Words: 121696 - Reading Time: 347-486 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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10 The Incredible Voyage: A Personal Odyssey
by Tristan Jones
  Tristan Jones sailed a small craft on the lowest body of water in the world, the Dead Sea in Israel--and the highest, Lake Titicaca in the Andes. During this intrepid six-year voyage, he traveled a distance equal to twice the circumference of the world and found himself "a thousand times beyond the limits of endurance." This gripping sea yarn is at once a riveting adventure story and a testament to human tenacity. (Published: 1977)

Words: 128905 - Reading Time: 368-515 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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11 Yarns
by Tristan Jones
  In Yarns, Tristan Jones tells how he began his writing career. He draws on his many adventures to evoke some of the memorable people he has met, and to describe some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. He gives advice on everything from seamanship to dealing with local populations in remote places. Not to be missed is his marvelous evocation in the style of Conan Doyle as the mystery of the Mary Celeste is solved, or the Conrad-inspired story of a troubled steamship, Breakdown. ... more info>> (Published: 1983)

Words: 92847 - Reading Time: 265-371 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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