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Stephen Almekinder
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Bio: Stephen Almekinder has a variety of experience as a writer. He received a finalist certificate from the Writers of the Future Contest for one of his short stories. He wrote a radio play which was produced and aired. He adapted the science fiction novel Nova, by Samuel R. Delany, into a screenplay with the permission of the author. And one of his short stories was published in a science fiction/fantasy magazine, Once Upon A World, in 1997. The Blood of Winterhold is a sequel to Winterhold. He plans to continue the saga, since there are many other stories yet to be told.


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1 Backyardia
by Stephen Almekinder
  When two brothers argue and come to blows in their own backyard, they are magically transported to a strange world known as Backyardia. Once there they are confronted by a great, white bear and a man made of both flesh and metal. The bear is called Polos and is the force for good in Backyardia. The part man, part machine is called the Warlock of the Wraith and represents evil. His eyes glow with a blue light, a characteristic of all of his creatures, known as robogres. Each brother is aided by a... more info>> (Published: 2003) Dream Realm Award Winner

Words: 92571 - Reading Time: 264-370 min.
Category: Young Adult/Fantasy
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Blood of Winterhold [Winterhold Series Book 2]
by Stephen Almekinder
  Blood plays a key role in the lives of the people who inhabit the plant locked in perpetual winter. A young novice Interpreter is brought from the far North to the Hold by the Queen's own bodyguard. She takes a special interest in his welfare and his future. The Queen sees him only as one more despised Interpreter to force her through her daily round of stifling Rituals. He becomes enmeshed in the violent political and social battles which riddle the Hold. Revolutionaries try to tear apart the a... more info>> (Published: 2000)

Words: 113393 - Reading Time: 323-453 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Lost Empire of Winterhold [Winterhold Series Book 3]
by Stephen Almekinder
  The reluctant heir to the half throne of Winterhold leaves the plots that threaten his life and flees North with the woman he loves. Upon returning to his home in the Waste, he discovers to his horror that the murderous schemes have followed him and wiped out his clan, leaving only his adoptive brother alive. His brother captures the female captain of the troop of warriors sent to destroy the heir and the four of them flee into the mountains of the Northern Range. Wandering through the dark maze... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 133580 - Reading Time: 381-534 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Winterhold [Winterhold Series Book 1]
by Stephen Almekinder
  [Prequel to The Blood of Winterhold] "Blood, my boy. The blood of life and death." Spoken by the old Seer who watches the rise and fall of the powerful upon Winterhold, the phrase echoes throughout the book. Blood determines the place each must occupy in society and, in a very direct way, helps to provide the warmth so precious upon the winter bound planet. The story takes place in a ritual bound society, rife with court intrigues, upon a planet locked in perpetual winter. It concerns the genera... more info>> (Published: 1998) EPIC eBook Award Finalist

Words: 118703 - Reading Time: 339-474 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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