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Emily Hahn
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Bio: A revolutionary woman for her time and an enormously creative writer, Emily Hahn broke all of the rules of the nineteen-twenties including traveling the country dressed as a boy, working for the Red Cross in Belgium, being the concubine to a Shanghai poet, using opium, and having an illegitimate child. Hahn kept on fighting against the stereotype of female docility that characterized the Victorian Era and was an advocate for the environment until her death at age ninety-two.

The author of hundreds articles and fifty-two books, Emily Hahn is the author of CHINA TO ME, a literary exploration of her trip to China.


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1 China to Me: A Partial Autobiography
by Emily Hahn
  A revolutionary woman for her time, Emily Hahn takes us on an adventure through the many faces that populate the landscape of China. Blending fiction and non-fiction seamlessly, Emily Hahn looks at everything and everyone she met on her breath-taking journey through the China of the nineteen-thirties. Hahn investigates not so much the complicated issues of political blocs and party conflict, but the ordinary, or extraordinary, lives of Chinese residents and tourists. This includes taking us into... more info>> (Published: 1944)

Words: 202483 - Reading Time: 578-809 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Fractured Emerald: Ireland
by Emily Hahn
  Fractured Emerald: Ireland by Emily Hahn The author of The Soong Sisters and China to Me turns her observant and discerning eye to the oft-troubled land of Ireland. In a magisterial combination of historical research and keen personal observation on the scene, Emily Hahn gives us a view of the whole of Ireland and its history, from the legends of the great kings and the heroes of myth to the Saint who converted Ireland to Christianity many centuries ago and up to the present day. She details the... more info>> (Published: 1971)

Words: 131468 - Reading Time: 375-525 min.
Category: History

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3 No Hurry To Get Home
by Emily Hahn
  Originally published in 1970, under the title Times and Places* *a memoir, this book is an anthology of twenty-three of her articles from The New Yorker, published between 1937 and 1970. Well-reviewed upon first publication, the book was re-published under the current title in 2000 with a Foreword by Sheila McGrath, a long-time colleague of hers at The New Yorker, and an Introduction by Ken Cuthbertson, author of Nobody Said Not to Go: The Life, Loves and Adventures of Emily Hahn. One of the p... more info>> (Published: 1970)

Words: 111575 - Reading Time: 318-446 min.
Category: General Nonfiction

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4 The Soong Sisters
by Emily Hahn
  In the early twentieth century, few women in China were to prove so important to the rise of Chinese nationalism and liberation from tradition as the extraordinary three Soong Sisters, Eling, Chingling and Mayling. As told with wit and verve by Emily Hahn, a remarkable woman in her own right, the biography of the Soong Sisters tells the story of China through both world wars. It also chronicles the changes to Shanghai as they relate to a very eccentric family who had the courage to speak out. Gr... more info>> (Published: 1941)

Words: 116019 - Reading Time: 331-464 min.
Category: History
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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