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Bobbie Russell
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Bio: Bobbie was born in California, married in Iowa and now resides in Kansas. The years in-between were lived in most of the southern states and three in Japan because her father was an Air Force pilot. That probably explains why she still loves to travel and explore new places and usually, each of her novels is set in a different locale. She has written practically all her life, beginning with journals of family vacations. She is now published in poetry, short stories, essays, magazine articles, teacher resource materials, and full-length fiction. She has also written and co-produced a documentary on Kansas history that won state and national awards. Bobbie loves talking almost as much as she loves writing, and has been a teacher for grades K-8. While in education she made over 100 presentations at state and national conferences on material she had developed in the classroom. Later, during 14 years with public television, she was on air as a program moderator and during annual pledge drives. She has a BS in Education and an MA in Communication and has taught public speaking classes at the college level.

1. Short [11949 words]Attitude Adjustment by Bobbie Russell [Erotica/Romance]
2. Short [15541 words]Once Upon a Starry Night by Bobbie Russell [Erotica/Romance]
3. Short [15696 words]Twelfth of Never by Bobbie Russell [Erotica/Romance]
  1. Short [15696 words]Twelfth of Never by Bobbie Russell [Erotica/Romance]
2. Short [11949 words]Attitude Adjustment by Bobbie Russell [Erotica/Romance]

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1 Attitude Adjustment
by Bobbie Russell
  Lincoln Parish has an attitude. That's what got him in trouble and now he's doing community service time at an old ladies' retirement home. But the women there also have attitudes, and they floor him with their frank discussions of sex and questions about how firm his butt muscles are. The one redeeming factor is the director, Suni Hart, especially when Linc discovers the beautiful young woman is also there for a reason. She has an unusual attitude toward sex. She likes it--a lot. And while she ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 11949 - Reading Time: 34-47 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Dreamcatcher
by Bobbie Russell
  Legend states that hanging a Dreamcatcher over your bed will catch the bad dreams and only allow the good ones to flow through to the dreamer. Willow has been told "if you believe, then it will be so", but her nightmares about the events causing her amnesia still haunt her, and while she knows she doesn't belong with the Blackfoot tribe, it is the only shelter she has..." until Garrison York appears. Montana rancher and blood brother to the Chief's son, he is given charge of helping Willow disco... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 112505 - Reading Time: 321-450 min.
Category: Romance
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Gypsy Nights
by Bobbie Russell
  With her ex-lover's stinging words reverberating in her brain, Gypsy decides to go to bed with her new neighbour to re-establish her self esteem and finds something more meaningful than a one night stand. Gypsy Martin had a rough childhood but managed to attend medical school and is now intent on helping those in the community who have nowhere else to turn. When Jeremy Stone was eleven, his drug-using father beat his mother to death and if not for the intervention of a neighbourhood police off... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 15734 - Reading Time: 44-62 min.
Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica/Romance

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4 Once Upon a Starry Night
by Bobbie Russell
  Corporate mogul, Tom Powers, decides to play The Prince and the Pauper for two weeks before Christmas. He exchanges places with Brian Bentley, who looks just like him, because he wants a chance to be an ordinary guy. But while living Brian's life and doing his job, he meets Jordan Scott, and the explosive sex they share has him forgetting who he really is. Will she forgive him when she finds out he's the owner of the company and not the line supervisor she falls in love with? (Published: 2007)

Words: 15541 - Reading Time: 44-62 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Twelfth of Never
by Bobbie Russell
  Author Zoe Shepard races away from an unfaithful lover in the States only to fall into the arms of a spirit in Ireland. While she has no intention of allowing another faithless male in her life, she doesn't mind this particular man because he demands nothing and night after night he gives her incredible climaxes. It isn't until the full moon that ZoŽ actually meets Keegan McFallon, knight and lord of clan McFallon, in human form. Because of a sorceress's spell, he's doomed to remain in the spiri... more info>> (Published: 2007)

Words: 15696 - Reading Time: 44-62 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Winning Molly
by Bobbie Russell
  A one night stand with a beautiful, mysterious stranger should have been enough, but soon Win's involved in a race against the clock to prevent a murder. Her bike was parked in the sand by his beach house, but when Win Coulter catches up with Molly at the water's edge and accuses her of trespassing, she wants much more from him than the right to walk on the beach. Win, a gentle computer wizard, is happy to comply with her request for hot wild sex, but he quickly becomes both lover and protector ... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 27241 - Reading Time: 77-108 min.
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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