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Ramsey Campbell
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Bio: For his psychological suspense, dark fantasy, and horor novels, Ramsey Campbell has received three World Fantasy Awards and eight British Fantasy Awards. He is the author of Nazareth Hill, The One Safe Place, The Long Lost, The Count of Eleven, Obsession, and many other books, including several short story collections.

Ramsey Campbell, his wife, and their children live in Liverpool, England.

1. Long [94023 words]Obsession by Ramsey Campbell [Horror]
2. Long [144528 words]The Hungry Moon by Ramsey Campbell [Horror]
3. Long [110125 words]Dark Companions by Ramsey Campbell [Horror]

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1 Ancient Images
by Ramsey Campbell
  A lost horror film holds the key to terrifying secrets. The legends have persisted for decades of a lost horror film starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi that was never released. Rumor has it that, for reasons long forgotten, powerful forces suppressed the film and burned all known prints. Nobody now living has seen the finished film. But that might no longer be true? Film researcher Sandy Allan is invited to a screening of a newly-discovered sole-surviving print, but then the film disappear... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 100378 - Reading Time: 286-401 min.
Category: Horror
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Dark Companions
by Ramsey Campbell
  A brilliant collection of stories by one of the masters of horror. Not all companions are friendly. There are many that you most definitely do not want to see. When Elaine was working late at the office, she thought she was all alone. But something sinister was in the elevator shaft?working its way to her floor. Miles, too, thought he was alone in his new house, the house of a murderer, but he, too, had an unwanted companion. And Knox will never forget what was waiting for him in the dense fog.... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 110125 - Reading Time: 314-440 min.
Category: Horror
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Obsession
by Ramsey Campbell
  The deal seemed too good to be true. Until it came time to pay. The letters said, "Whatever you most need, I do. The price is something that you do not value and which you may regain." To four teenagers, it seemed an offer too good to pass up. They filled out the enclosed forms. Indeed, they soon got what they needed most, but in shocking ways they never imagined. Twenty-five years later, they have never been able to forget the horror. But it's not over yet. In fact, it's about to get much wors... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 94023 - Reading Time: 268-376 min.
Category: Horror
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 The Hungry Moon
by Ramsey Campbell
  A town trapped in the grip of spreading evil. Isolated on the moors of northern England, the town of Moonwell has remained faithful to their Druid traditions and kept their old rituals alive. Right-wing evangelist Godwin Mann isn't about to let that continue, and his intolerant brand of fundamentalism has struck a chord with the residents. But Mann goes too far when he descends into the pit where the ancient being who's been worshipped by the Druids for centuries is said to dwell?. What emerge... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 144528 - Reading Time: 412-578 min.
Category: Horror

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5 The Seven Days of Cain
by Ramsey Campbell
  Is anyone really innocent? On two continents, weeks apart, two people are brutally murdered: a Barcelona street performer and a New York playwright are each gruesomely tortured to death. In Britain, photographer Andy Bentley begins receiving mysterious emails. The messages refer to the killings and contain hints that the murderer has a personal connection to Andy. But what is it? Are the emails coming from the killer himself? And what, if anything, does Andy's past have to do with the deaths? A... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 107901 - Reading Time: 308-431 min.
Category: Horror

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