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Ellen Anthony
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Bio: Ellen Anthony is the award-winning author of the Syran novels. In The Blood Circle she went further back into the planet's past to show the destruction of the dreaded Blood Circle and the men who formed the first Advocate team. Ms. Anthony lives in Wyoming.


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1 Jacob's Oregon Trail Adventure
by Ellen Anthony
  14-year-old Jacob Harding is traveling the Oregon Trail in 1850. Read his letters as he tells about why they're going, what they hope to find, and what he wants. Follow along as the Harding family faces disease, treacherous river crossings, and Indians. Share Jacob's secrets about his girl friend, a runaway slave, and his sister's birthday surprise. These fictional letters are historically accurate and reflect the living conditions, slang, and attitudes of the 1850s. (Published: 2002)

Words: 19591 - Reading Time: 55-78 min.
Category: Young Adult/Historical Fiction

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2 Search for the Sun [A Syran Novel]
by Ellen Anthony
  The princess is dead, murdered in a crime that rocks Gardon, and only her infant son is left alive. Who did it--the General, the Healer, or the Prime Minister? And why? Donal Yorkson and his veteran partner try to untangle the wicked crime only to find no motive and a preposterous list of suspects. When his partner turns up dead, Donal must defy his father and even his queen to uncover a crime more terrible than murder.[Cover art Dirk A. Wolf] (Published: 2002) EPIC eBook Award Winner

Words: 145196 - Reading Time: 414-580 min.
Category: Science Fiction/Mystery/Crime
37 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 The Manhunter [A Syran Novel]
by Ellen Anthony
  Imagine being able to claim any man for three days just to have a child. He could be an Einstein, a Schwartzenegger, or the guy next door. What woman hasn't had that fantasy? Yet what happens if the man you choose loves you? Can you walk away with just the child? Can he? Synda of Datyl wants to do a Manhunt and Davyd Yorkson is hired to escort her. When they are separated from their ship, Davyd finds he must protect his charge from bees, wild pigs, raiders, and even himself. His greatest challen... more info>> (Published: 1999) EPIC eBook Award Finalist

Words: 97511 - Reading Time: 278-390 min.
Category: Science Fiction
38 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Too Young a King [A Syran Novel]
by Ellen Anthony
  The king is dead! Long live the king! But this king is just ten years old and faces assassination attempts and treachery while his prime minister tries to keep him alive. To complicate things, not one, but two old foes are suddenly offering alliances. It's known that the Eagle practices slavery, but they offer trade. The Dawn is an unknown. Can Edwin of the Wolf survive his turbulent youth? Or does the prophecy speak of the baby brother still at his mother's breast? And who arranged the death of... more info>> (Published: 2001) EPIC eBook Award Finalist

Words: 81753 - Reading Time: 233-327 min.
Category: Science Fiction
28 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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