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Daphne Saxby Taylor
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Bio: Daphne Saxby Taylor has always loved to write, in childhood making up stories to amuse herself, and in teen years writing poetry. She has written news, plays, skits and hymns for parish purposes where her husband Harry was rector. The experience of being journalist/editor for country weekly newspapers made her realise the power of the printed word. On retirement she wrote her first Australian Historical novels, inspired by stories of her ancestors, all early settlers in Australia. She still writes poetry and has published Easy Reader books for adults, Children's Picture Books, and books for new writers for use in her occasional seminars In her Children's Picture Books she combines her writing and illustrating skills. She lives in the upper reaches of the Brisbane Valley, Queensland, Australia and has four daughters, eleven grandchildren and one great grandson. ?MARY ANNE? is her third Early Australian Historical Novel, and her first e-published Novel. Her Novels are written under the name, Daphne Saxby Taylor - and her other works Daphne Taylor.


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1 Mary Anne
by Daphne Saxby Taylor
  "Sold!" wept Mary Anne on her deathbed. "Sold for a bottle of rum!" "Love him," her mother had said. "Loving is not always easy. It will mean caring for him, cooking and cleaning for him--and bearing his children. But it is a hard man indeed, who can resist consistent love for ever." It had all begun in peaceful Hertfordshire. But boredom, recklessness, his swashbuckling life in the army of the East India Company--had changed all that. Then had befallen a chance encounter in far away New South W... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 69685 - Reading Time: 199-278 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Pause a Minute with Daphne Taylor
by Daphne Saxby Taylor
  'Thoughts to lift your spirit'--'cause you to question yourself'--'to reassure you of purpose in life and your place in it'. These are all descriptions of this challenging collection of thoughts, individually and collectively. Written for the general public, "Pause A Minute" (previously known as "Thoughts to Ponder") are stimulated by everyday, ordinary happenings, which give rise to deeper contemplation. Originally presented as Radio Spots on Australian Regional Radio, and subsequently publishe... more info>>

Words: 9567 - Reading Time: 27-38 min.
Category: Spiritual/Religion

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3 Wilhelmina
by Daphne Saxby Taylor
  "I shall look forward with delight to working with you," stated the great Frederick Chopin, when Wilhelmina played for him. The Grand Duchess had offered her patronage. Was she set for an illustrious career as a concert pianist? But pressures brought to bear by the social and political state of the country; the opportunities of migration to far away New South Wales and the memories of the French Revolution only 50 years ago, bear heavily on Wilhelmina's father. Her indomitable spirit rises above... more info>> (Published: 2006)

Words: 84607 - Reading Time: 241-338 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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