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Robert Vaughan
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Bio: Writing under his own name and 25 pen names, Robert Vaughan has authored over 200 books in every genre but Science Fiction. He won the 1977 Porgie Award (Best Paperback Original) for The Power and the Pride. In 1973 The Valkyrie Mandate was nominated by its publisher, Simon & Schuster, for the Pulitzer Prize. Vaughan is a frequent speaker at seminars and at high schools and colleges. He has also hosted three television talk shows: Eyewitness Magazine, on WAVY TV in Portsmouth, Virginia, Tidewater A.M., on WHBQ TV in Hampton, Virginia, and This Week in Books on the TEMPO Cable Television Network. In addition, he hosted a cooking show at Phoenix at Mid-day on KHPO TV in Phoenix, Arizona. Vaughan is a retired Army Warrant Officer (CW-3) with three tours in Vietnam where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with the V for valor, the Bronze Star, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the Purple Heart. He was a helicopter pilot and a maintenance and supply officer. He was also an instructor and Chief of the Aviation Maintenance Officers' Course at Fort Eustis, Virginia. During his military career, Vaughan was a participant in many of the 20th century's most significant events.

1. Long [121566 words]Hard Times by Robert Vaughan [Alternate History/Mainstream]
2. Long [135225 words]The Lost Generation by Robert Vaughan [General Nonfiction]
3. Long [131401 words]Over There by Robert Vaughan [General Nonfiction]
  1. Long [135225 words]The Lost Generation by Robert Vaughan [General Nonfiction]
2. Long [119165 words]The New Frontier by Robert Vaughan [Historical Fiction]
3. Long [131401 words]Over There by Robert Vaughan [General Nonfiction]

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1 Cold War
by Robert Vaughan
  The launch of Sputnik. Rock 'n' roll fever. The struggle for civil rights. Robert Vaughan's seventh volume of the American Chronicles has America entering the fifties amidst the fright of a cold war with Russia and a fiery war in Korea. Prizewinning war correspondent Shaylin McKay and African-American war hero Travis Jackson have a date with destiny. Back home, sexy screen siren Marcella Mills and Hollywood's leading lady Demaris Hunter find both their careers and their emotions harnessed to the... more info>> (Published: 1992)

Words: 111358 - Reading Time: 318-445 min.
Category: Mainstream
10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Dawn of the Century
by Robert Vaughan
  In Volume One of The American Chronicles, Robert Vaughan panoramically evokes America at the beginning of the Twentieth century, poised on the brink of greatness and fraught with the tumult of rapid change. A time of robber-baron industrialists and rapid territorial expansion both at home and abroad, the new music called "ragtime" is the soundtrack for a confident nation of ambitious dreamers. It is 1904 and the nation's eyes are on the St.Louis World's Fair, which features an astounding variety... more info>> (Published: 1992)

Words: 134242 - Reading Time: 383-536 min.
Category: Mainstream
19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Flower Children
by Robert Vaughan
  The 1960's have gone down in history as a decade of social and political upheavals, when Americans grappled with the moral dilemmas and social divisions caused by the Vietnam war, the struggle for civil rights, and the radicalism of the nation's youth. In the ninth volume of Robert Vaughan's stunning American Chronicles, a panoramic picture of the American experience unfolds from the perspective of Americans from all walks of life. Cocky and charismatic Bob Parker courts death every day, pilotin... more info>> (Published: 1996)

Words: 99771 - Reading Time: 285-399 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Hard Times
by Robert Vaughan
  The stock Market crash of 1929 abruptly thrusts the nation into chaos, as unemployed people grow more desperate for a livelihood. As nearly every sector of the economy collapses and dust storms rage in the West, only the most determined can make it. While desperation and despair wrack the nation, Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal continues to inspire hope in some but arouses cynicism in others. Wealthy and handsome John Canfield refuses to disallow his patriotism in the face of disaster. He embarks ... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 121566 - Reading Time: 347-486 min.
Category: Alternate History/Mainstream
15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Over There
by Robert Vaughan
  Volume two of Robert Vaughan's stunning American Chronicles follows the tumult of American during the second decade of the twentieth century. The indestructible Titanic goes down in the cold arctic sea, millions of immigrants flood into the country, a bloody worker's revolution occurs in Russia, and in Sarajevo an assassination quickly ignites the flames of the First World War. It is 1912, and the Lady Lucinda Chetwynd-Dunleigh can hear the final strains of the ship's orchestra as the famous Tit... more info>> (Published: 1992)

Words: 131401 - Reading Time: 375-525 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Portals of Hell
by Robert Vaughan
  This fifth volume of Robert Vaughan's American Chronicles follows America's tumultuous and surprising journey through the 1940's, as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor thrusts the nation into the Second World War. Hitler's army ravages Europe, and an explosion of the first nuclear warhead in Los Alamos plunges the world into the danger of the nuclear age. Beautiful journalist Shaylin McKay risks her life reporting from the battle front, only to find she has fallen in love with a soldier in comb... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 137443 - Reading Time: 392-549 min.
Category: Alternate History
14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 The Lost Generation
by Robert Vaughan
  In this, the third, explosive volume of Robert Vaughan's AMERICAN CHRONICLES, prohibition and gangland wars define the era. The 1920s were perhaps the most exciting and glamorous decade of the century, as America leaves behind the strife and deprivations of war, while the Jazz Age brings the young, dissolute, and decadent into the smoky interiors of basement speakeasies. Idealistic young journalist Kendra Mills risks her career--and her life--to expose the criminal underside of American society.... more info>> (Published: 1992)

Words: 135225 - Reading Time: 386-540 min.
Category: General Nonfiction
11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 The New Frontier
by Robert Vaughan
  Vietnam. The Bay of Pigs. A November afternoon in Dallas pierced by gunshots. Robert Vaughan's eighth title in the American Chronicles series opens with the calamitous changes that define a generation and bid good-bye to innocence. With the charismatic young president in office, idealism and optimism run free, the youths of America believe in all possibilities. Deon Booker, a proud African-American, joins Mississippi's Freedom Riders on an unforgettable journey to a shocking revelation. His comp... more info>> (Published: 1995)

Words: 119165 - Reading Time: 340-476 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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