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Carolyn Ann Aish
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1. Mid-Length [39890 words]Stepping Stones by Carolyn Ann Aish [Young Adult/Fantasy]
2. Long [72284 words]A Brother's Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 3] by Carolyn Ann Aish [Young Adult/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [71690 words]A Chosen Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 1] by Carolyn Ann Aish [Young Adult/Spiritual/Religion]

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1 A Brother's Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 3]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  The account of the black plague and its dread effects upon the kingdom of Frencolia; the disappearance of King Leopold; the take-over of the kingdom by the treacherous Elliad and his volatile reign of injustice and terror. Tristan returns. Every page packed with adventure ... much more than just a story...

Words: 72284 - Reading Time: 206-289 min.
Category: Young Adult/Historical Fiction
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 A Chosen Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 1]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Louis Chatelain has fallen in love! He has fallen so hard; that he knows it is for life. But Louis messes up so badly that he despairs of ever retrieving his chosen love. This is a story about royalty, with romance, mystery, murder and mayhem! Will Elissa be crowned queen of Frencolia? The king of all jousts will decide who will become queen ... A story by Carolyn Ann Aish, is much more than just a story...

Words: 71690 - Reading Time: 204-286 min.
Category: Young Adult/Spiritual/Religion
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 A Daughter's Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 2]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  The Chatelain children--Louis Junior, Marcus, Elissa, Luke and Jobyna, are an embarrassment to their parents. Join them in their adventures as they grow and change. Discover why Tristan the knight wants to kidnap their father. Can Jobyna ride fast enough to prevent her father being taken out of the kingdom of Frencolia, away from her forever?

Words: 74416 - Reading Time: 212-297 min.
Category: Young Adult
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 A Question of Love
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  The princess is determined to discover the name of the man in the tower. She climbs up the ivy into the tower to find out who he is, but does not realize this folly could cost her life. How could one rose make a difference to the question of love? (Published: 2011)

Words: 32202 - Reading Time: 92-128 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Spiritual/Religion

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5 Angel Hands
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Who is 'Angel'? And who is 'Captain K'? From the moment they meet, sparks fly. Barbarian raiders come to take over the kingdom and this contrary couple has to hide. But they are discovered... Adult themes with battle violence in early medieval times set in an inspirational action novel. (Published: 2011)

Words: 42693 - Reading Time: 121-170 min.
Category: Romance/Spiritual/Religion

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6 Castles [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 5]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Luke and his forces have gained control of Frencolia. But Elliad has escaped, taking Princess Jobyna with him. Will she remain forever in Elliad's clutches? Jobyna meets the Czarevitch and Czarevna of Chezkovia. What dastardly plans are being hatched against their father, the Czar? Can Jobyna do anything to prevent Elliad increasing his power and dominion? What influence will 'The Crazy Prince' have on Jobyna's safety? Will she ever see her brother, Luke, again? (Published: 2006)

Words: 65735 - Reading Time: 187-262 min.
Category: Young Adult/Fantasy
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Kingdoms [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 6]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Elliad's schemes continue to play havoc with the lives of King Luke and Princess Jobyna. The usurper of the throne of Chezkovia seeks control over neighboring kingdoms, including Frencolia. Will Luke and Jobyna be able to stop him? Princess Jobyna has escaped the madman Elliad and returned to the safety of Frencolia. But she barely has a chance to enjoy her newfound freedom before another crisis arises: King Luke and other royal personages from the surrounding kingdoms are kidnapped and held for... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 81041 - Reading Time: 231-324 min.
Category: Young Adult/Historical Fiction
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 Stepping Stones
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Forced to leave her sister in a dungeon, Michela goes with her guardians to take part in the 'King's Test.' Does the king really believe she can spin straw into gold? Michela denounces the 'King's Test' as a charade. Will she find death, or will she find love? (Published: 2003)

Words: 39890 - Reading Time: 113-159 min.
Category: Young Adult/Fantasy
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 Treasures [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 4]
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  Escape from the evil King Elliad seemed impossible, then, Luke and Jobyna are led through a tunnel behind a waterfall into a valley where they find refuge. Sabin, the servant, leaves them there and the brother and sister discover the treasure cave. But what can two fugitives do with such fabulous treasures? King Elliad seeks a book in which he hopes to learn the kingdom's secrets, including the way to the treasure cave. When he learns Jobyna has been there, he will stop at nothing to learn where... more info>> (Published: 2005)

Words: 52722 - Reading Time: 150-210 min.
Category: Young Adult/Spiritual/Religion

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